I loved my wedding bangles

BanglesThese aren’t ordinary bangles. In Punjab, India these bangles are known as Chura which are worn by a bride at the time of her marriage. It’s actually an accessory which symbolizes of a girl getting married or being newly married. Before marriage the bride’s maternal uncle puts Chura in the arms of bride. Chura can be made of plastic or elephant tusk. It’s available in maroon, white and red color decorated with beautiful stones. It’s dream of every girl in India to wear these special bangles at her wedding.

I wore these bangles at my wedding. It’s a trend to wear it for at least one and a half month (this duration can be extended on one’s wish) without taking it off. I wore it for nine months. These bangles make you feel special and signify you as newly wed. There’s another trend of having something sweet when you remove these bangles.

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6 Responses to I loved my wedding bangles

  1. minhzie says:

    these are so lovely! this makes me want to pack my bags and head to india right now!

  2. Preeti says:

    The most desired wish of an Indian bride is to wear this…… Lovely….

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