The Green Carpet


tea-garden Yes, it’s real. For those who visit first time to Munnar it’s out of the world view.

This photo showcases one of the many lush green tea gardens at Munnar,Kerala. Munnar is a hill station in South India perched about 1600 m above sea level. This place is on top list of all tourists because of its vast expanses of tea plantations, laid back atmosphere, waterfalls and delightfully refreshing colonial air.  It is also an ideal destination for trekking and mountain biking. .

There are around 30 tea estates, all are privately owned, but most estate managers will allow visitors to wander around the estate for free. We have been to one of the `very old tea factory via Jeep. It was all the way bumpy ride but believe me it was worth going there. All the scenic beauty around was a great treat for eyes.  This tea estate offered a great opportunity for us to witness the entire process by which tea changes from being a fresh, handpicked leaf to the fragrant product that makes it to breakfast tables across the world. Believe me anyone visiting Kerala should must visit Munnar.

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2 Responses to The Green Carpet

  1. minhzie says:

    Really? Before today places like this existed only in my imagination. Amazing shot.

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