What a stunning artwork!!

These are stunning glass platters hung on a wall at Wimberely Glassworks(GSW). Colourful platters in various interesting shapes and sizes are often remarkable focal point, whether hung on a wall or used as a centerpiece for a table.

GSW has a Free Glassblowing Demonstrations showing the process of crafting molten glass into exceptional art. You can see how artists use a variety of materials to achieve the brilliantly colored designs displayed in the gallery.

After I watched one of these demonstrations I respect every artwork I see because I know how much effort and skills are required to create one.

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10 Responses to What a stunning artwork!!

  1. please tell me you have this framed somewhere!

  2. as says:

    really vibrant colors….looks like a painting unless you take a more leisurely look…
    i wonder how much this colllection would cost….am not about to buy it but wouldnt it look nice on your living room’s wall ? 🙂

    • A J says:

      Yes, these glass platter are a bit costly. However I feel these would look amazing on your living room wall and they are worth spending some money.

  3. minhzie says:

    reminds me of this from when i was back in undergrad! http://web.mit.edu/glasslab/sales_pumpkin.html

  4. I really like the color and pattern!

  5. Preeti says:

    The most amazing click…. Loved the colors….

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