A beautiful surprise

Mayfield Garden is a hidden gem of Austin.  It was a unique experience and out-of-the world. We went there by a chance as if God sent my husband and me there to have this beautiful experience. We were returning from Mount Bonell when we discovered this place. It was our first visit here and a gorgeous small wedding was going on. The park was the perfect setting — lush green garden, the historic white cottage as a backdrop, the wooden porch patio, the rock paths intertwined with koi and lotus ponds as seating area for guests and finally the arched dome space as platform for wedding vow ceremonies.  Of course the peacocks, birds, squirrels and tortoise were the key elements that complemented this incredible place. And I am sure more photos of this place would be coming on this blog.

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8 Responses to A beautiful surprise

  1. carlaat says:

    Fantastic peacock photo! Looks like he’s heading right off the page!

  2. minhzie says:

    gorgeous! i stumbled across a peacock in madrid, spain, and i laughed so hard trying to get it to open it’s feathers (it didn’t. i guess i wasn’t impressive enough for it to try to impress) 😉

    • A J says:

      Thanks Minh. Generally peacocks fan their dazzling plumage to attract and impress potential mates. In India it’s also known that peacock spread their feather when they are happy and it’s raining.

  3. adrianduque89 says:

    awesome photo!

  4. baban says:

    u got an art which i never knew……good one

    • A J says:

      Thanks for such a lovely comment. I always admired art and artistic people but never had something of my own to showcase to the world. Photoblogging happened just by an accident but an interesting one.

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