Time began in a Garden

While I took this photograph in Mayfield Garden, I was not aware what this thing is called. After some research work I got to know this beautiful garden sculpture is called Sundial. A sundial is a device that measures time by the position of the Sun and was used by our ancestors to track time of the day.

It can be often counted to keep accurate time. Today most people who have sundials in their gardens use them for decoration rather than as a way of keeping time. Thanks to the invention of the digital wristwatch. However sundials will always be remembered as a fascinating scientific instrument, a link with history, a connection to the universe and a connection to live life slower.

For more information on Sundials please check:


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One Response to Time began in a Garden

  1. as says:

    it says on the dial ” time began in a garden”..
    very aptly put….since forests and gardens predate towns and roads and buildings…
    am not sure what the anicient folks did when it was overcast and they couldnt tell the time…..probably thought ” never mind..who cares if I am late for work….dont get paid well in any case…” 🙂

    nice picture…!

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