Try, try, try again till you succeed

I heard a small story in my childhood which has moral:”Try, try, try again till you succeed”. I think this rule applies to everyone and everywhere. Here goes my little story. Above photograph features two turtles, the elder one and other the baby turtle. Elder turtle is sitting on the rock and relaxing under the sun. Little turtle has been learning new lessons everyday. After much practising of tough swimming lessons he is trying to take a break by climbing upon the rock but he does not know how to climb up. He tries and fails, tries again and fails. He keeps on trying until he is on the top of the rock with a victory. And says out aloud: “Yes, I did it”.  Afterall everything can be accomplished if we keep on trying..

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2 Responses to Try, try, try again till you succeed

  1. minhzie says:

    how inspriational!

    • A J says:

      Thanks Minh. I observed this little turtle and clicked my shot. My little story is dedicated to the brave little turtle.

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