Who says butterflies can’t party?

Interesting isn’t it? I took this shot at San Antonio Zoo. I have been chasing butterflies for  a long time at Austin but couldn’t capture a shot of them until we visited San Antonio Zoo. Apart from all animals and birds here, this place has an exclusive place for the butterflies where they can have their great time whether it’s to fly freely, hop from one flower to the other one , grab a fruit bite and play around. It was a out-of-the-world experience as you can see lots of vibrant color butterflies flying around. One of the butterfly actually landed on one of the nearby visitor’s nose and she said it was a very tickling feeling. I tried to do the same but I think they were more happy flying and having fruits bite in this platter. Looking at this picture it seems as if  some little butterflies party is going on with all comfy atmosphere around.

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3 Responses to Who says butterflies can’t party?

  1. hempreet says:

    nice work AJ 🙂 keep it up

  2. Beautiful! My prom back in the day took place at the Seattle science center when the butterfly exhibit was there. 🙂

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