The City Palace

I captured this shot about a year ago at City Palace, Jaipur. City Palace is one of the most predominant landmarks of Jaipur. This historic place is a is a fine mixture of Mughal art and traditional architecture of Rajastan. City Palace complex covers a huge area, which is divided into a series of gardens, courtyards and buildings. This magnificent palace exhibits museum which has a rich collection of royal costumes and a display of the Rajput weaponry. A part of the exquisite Palace still makes home for the former King.

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2 Responses to The City Palace

  1. Hello AJ,
    I like the way you captured the building and the people walking by,
    I would love to visit there one day.

    • A J says:

      Thanks Michael. It’s an amzing place with folk music going on most of the times. People dance in circles and have fun 🙂

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