Lord Krishna and Radha

Above photograph features mural of Hindu deity Radha Krishna. I captured this shot at Barsana Dham, Austin. There are numerous legends and stories of Radha and Krishna depicting their true love. Radha’s devotion and dedication towards Lord Krishna is the most sincere one.

 One of the legend goes as below:

Young Krishna is known to be very playful and mischievous. As a child, Krishna was extremely jealous of Radha’s fair complexion since he himself was very dark. One day, Krishna complained to his mother Yashoda about the injustice of nature which made Radha so fair and him so dark. To pacify the crying young Krishna, the mother asked him to go and colour Radha’s face in whichever colour he wanted. In a mischievous mood, naughty Krishna heeded the advice of mother Yashoda and applied colour on her beloved Radha’s face; Making her one like himself.

For more information on Radha Krishan please visit:



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3 Responses to Lord Krishna and Radha

  1. jitendra says:

    nice one

  2. minhzie says:

    What a wonderful legend!

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