Lets save this exotic bird

I captured this shot at Alligator Farm, Saint Augustine. After doing some research work I got to know this exotic red-fronted Macaw is one of the endangered species of Macaw. What a pity that such a beautiful bird is on the verge of extinction.

Some quick facts about Macaw:
1. Macaws are members of the parrot family.
2. Many macaws have vibrant plumage. The coloring is suited to life in Central and South American rain forests.
3. These bird are omnivore and they have an average life span in the wild is – 60 years.
4. Macaws have loud calls. Some species can even mimic human speech.
5. These playful birds are popular pets, and many are illegally trapped for that trade.

Lets spread the word and try to save this innocent bird.

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6 Responses to Lets save this exotic bird

  1. jitu says:


  2. minhzie says:

    these birds are omnivores? no way!

  3. Beautiful shot of a lovely bird! I hope we can save it.

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