I am little curious today

During my childhood I was always fascinated toward these playful creatures. However whenever I use to get a little closer to them, they use to climb up the tree quickly and would never come back again. This use to disappoint me. However this little fellow was somewhat different  from others and was constantly roaming near my husband and me at Aquarena Center, San Marcos. I think it was little curious about us. As it was one of my close encounter with any of the squirrels and I captured the moment in this superb shot.

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4 Responses to I am little curious today

  1. Great shot! Squirrels are cute.

  2. AS says:

    I think this guy is just ingratiating itself for a little food..
    you know…just testing the waters and see if it can wriggle a little food out of you by getting close 🙂
    makes for a cute picture though….
    good work..

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