The floating candles display

As I was talking about Diwali in my previous post, today I am sharing a shot of floating candles in a glass bowl.

Floating candles are available in market in various interesting colors and shapes with mesmerizing fragrance. On can float them in clear glass container and insert ribbon or flowers in the water below the candle. This gives added decoration to the candle display

Floating candles are my personal favorites on Diwali as it brings a very soothing effect on my eyes. How would you like to decorate your home this festive season?

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6 Responses to The floating candles display

  1. Hi AJ – Another lovely photograph depicting your traditions! I will try to remember to put some photographs of our festive traditions on my blog, in a similar way as you have done! You have inspired me!

    Take care


  2. Zhang Wenjie says:

    lovely photo! I love how intricate the “petals” are..

  3. carlaat says:

    Love floating candles. I think it’s the mix of fire and water close together. Beautiful!

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