Ethnic Umbrellas

This is another shot taken at Dilli Hatt, Delhi. It features bright coloured ethnic umbrellas made of cotton and silk thread hand embroidery. Loved these gorgeous umbrellas.

Wishing you a colourful and bright weekend just like these cheerful umbrellas.

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12 Responses to Ethnic Umbrellas

  1. Very nice, I really enjoy hand made items!

  2. minhzie says:

    Lovely as always! Glad to see you’re still posting 🙂

  3. A J says:

    Thanks Minh, it’s great to see you. How have you been?

  4. Rosa Fierro says:

    Beautiful umbrellas! And beautiful pictures too : )

  5. Hi AJ – I am really enjoying seeing the variety of artwork/handicraft your country has through your photographs! I find the multitude of colours and beautiful patterns quite stunning! Thanks, AJ!



  6. A J says:

    Thanks John. I find these umbrellas very attractive.

  7. jmpix says:

    i have a soft spot for umbrellas!!!..nice shot 🙂

  8. A J says:

    Thanks Jennifer

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