Some colours and some smiles

Sometimes life just passes by waiting for something big to happen, however what really matters is everyday sweet and short happy moments. Don’t let life pass by missing these small bouquets of happiness.

Wishing you a great weekend ahead!!

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12 Responses to Some colours and some smiles

  1. Javi&Palace says:

    I totally agree what you said. Enjoying little moments and things is the best we can do!

    Or well, making of a little moment a BIG and magic moment 🙂

    merry Christmas mate

  2. carlaat says:

    Love your small bouquets of happiness! 🙂

  3. Sometimes the little things are what makes life worth living!

  4. Hi AJ – You are completely correct! This is my sixtieth year and having just retired I was looking back to see what I had achieved so far in life. What I found was lots and lots of valuable little moments, some superb, some good and some not so good, that all add up to make the whole of my life so far! I found the experience to be quite fulfilling! You are really developing an eye for picking out colourful and interesting details in your work! I really like these little bouquets of happiness!



    • A J says:

      Thanks John, it’s great to know you liked my shots. I think every moment with small happiness counts and it out-weights bigger moments becuase small happy moments are many however big moments are few.
      Yes, my work is evolving:) I am planning to buy a better camera very soon. Keep visiting for more shots.

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