Elephants leave little room for Horses!

Here is another photograph from Dilli Haat, India. I love this place and I won’t hesitate to say it’s a beautiful shoppers’ paradise located in Delhi which offers famous Indian handicrafts and delicious food.  You can buy hand-made items from the artisans across India selling everything from panel-beaten silver jewelry to brightly colored linens and vast decorative ornaments.

This shot features beautifully carved miniature animals. As a matter of fact, this photograph was captured in colour , however it comes out even better in black & white. You can check a few more shots of Dilli Haat handicraft items at:





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8 Responses to Elephants leave little room for Horses!

  1. Nice shot! The black and white image really stands out.

  2. diana t. says:

    I agree. This photo in B&W looks great. I love the lines and contrast between the 2. It’s hard to imagine color version can be better.

  3. You capture the wonderful carvings in these elephants beautifully.

  4. Amish R. Shah says:

    Hi, this is a very nice shot. I would like to use it on my website. Could you pl share a copy without watermark? Thanks!

    • A J says:

      Thanks for liking my photograph. And I apologize for delayed response.

      I would be glad to share my photograph however may I know where do you want to use the photograph and what is the purpose of it?

      Please let me know if you have any queries.

  5. Amish R. Shah says:

    We would like to use this photograph on a site that promotes traditional Indian home-made products as a cover slider image. Can we use this image?

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