Color me red today!!

People often say flowers are the best bet to gift someone. They easily fit for any occasion and the simplest way to make somebody special smile.

I am posting this gorgeous red flower today. Generally red color symbolises respect, admiration or devotion. So here is my small effort to make you smile.

By the way, I often wonder what to do with flowers gifted to you when they lose their verve and freshness. It seems such a waste to just discard them and there is nothing much to do with them if you choose not to . What do you do with dried -out flowers?

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Cactus Spikes

Here is another shot from Cactus Garden, Panchkula. I am kind of falling short of words for this shot however I am simply amazed by looking at these natural geometric formations. I think one can find interesting geometric formations everywhere. What did you discover around today?

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Flower Cactus

I captured this shot at Cactus garden, Panchkula. This garden is Asia’s largest outdoor landscaped cacti and succulents garden.

I am really surprised to to see that even a cactus can be this beautiful. Did this shot surprise you too?

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Wheat Grass

I have been away for a while as I have been little busy shooting and I I did miss all my co-bloggers.

Above photograph features wheat grass. What I like about this shot is that how sunlight falls on the wheat grass and turns out into this gorgeous shot. I really wonder how this wheat grass turns out into beautiful golden wheat grains.

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Four pillars of strength

I captured this shot at Riverwalk, San Antonio. Somehow I find this very ordinary shot quite interesting. What do you think?

Quote of the Day:

“Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.”

So here are my four pillars of strength which help me keep moving: ” Faith,  Trust, Believe and Hope “. Wishing you a very terrific day full of strength!!

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